Monday, January 30, 2006

Live Performances

I love live performances of any kind. It may be theatre, concert, dance, anything. There is a major difference between them and the movies for example or the TV. I love the feeling that I am really there, just a few steps from the stage. I feel that there are really human beings on the 'other side' and this is for real. Anything can happen, an actor may be playing well or badly, he may forget his text, he may do something unexpected. He or she is playing for the people who are there and for them only. It is some kind of exclusivity, of uniqueness of every moment. The air is filled with a strange and thrilling kind of energy. You have to be constantly awake and alert, because anything can happen and you cannot switch it off.

I have seen a very interesting performance this week. It was played by the students of dramatic art. The plot was like this. Imagine that you anticipate a situation in your life that you are afraid of. Maybe you want to discuss some important topic with your girl-friend. Or you want to tell the parents of the girl you love that you are going to marry. Or you just want to try some wild fantasy of how it would be to meet an unknown man in the park for whom you'd be attractive. And now imagine that there is a service that makes all this possible. Imagine there is a kind of simulator-room. You just choose your scenario, choose the level of difficulty, pay the price and enter. Now you can try the situation you are afraid of and if you fail, you can retry it again. Or you can live your fantasy and stop it any moment if it breaks out of control.

It was really nice and breezy but it gave me shivers too. The virtual reality can be of great help but it can also unleash the hidden parts inside of man. But, in the end, this is true for every our doing.

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