Monday, February 06, 2006

Four Shades of Brown

We had the Festival of European Movies here last week. I love these festivals because it is the only place where I can see beautiful movies that are made in different european countries. It is a shame that these movies are played on festivals only and they cannot be rented in local DVD-rental and they do not play them in movies through the year. It is sad that all we usually get is "the same old story" of "i have to kill my enemies and win my love" which is about the only scenario present in the main stream. Why do people not want to see something deeper? Why do they regard it as "boring" and "not having enough action"?

Maybe it is the lack of empathy, of ability to live other people's sorrows and joy. Maybe all that is left in us are the primal instincts like search and destroy and then get married that are expressed in the main stream. Maybe we do not want to hear that life is not a straight line, that we are not perfect beings, that even simple problems we face may not be easy. Maybe we are afraid to hear that "money" and "success" are not the only things that matter and that there are many sources of happiness and joy, some of them maybe small and strange and available to everybody.

Why do I talk about this? As I have said, I have seen a very nice movie that is named "Four shades of brown" (Fyra nyanser av brunt), it is a swedish movie and I think it is really worth to see.

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